Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Basic PID Control Course

IDX will again be hosting Andy Verwer from the UK to present the Three-Term or PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) Basic Course in Johannesburg, South Africa. The training is aimed at technicians, engineers and programmers who are involved in the operation, implementation and tuning of feedback controllers in a wide variety of applications and industries. Many different aspects of feedback control systems are covered so that the training will benefit a wide range of needs. For example, if you need to:
  • Apply quantitative feedback control to real processes and machinery,
  • Improve the performance or tune controllers in their plant,
  • Implement three-term controllers in their programmable control systems (PLCs and DCS systems),
  • Identify problems and the causes of poor control performance.
The training will run over the course of two days and is for those who have little or no previous experience with feedback control. This module takes the trainee up to the stage where they can tune a simple feedback control system and identify the basic reasons for poor control performance.

There will be a practical component which is delivered in hands-on manner using a combination of simulation software and real processes. The material in the basic and advanced courses are delivered in a manufacturer independent way.

The basic PID control course introduces to control system terminology and technology and introduces three-term (PID) control using a practical, hands-on approach. The basic PID course teaches how the controller terms operate and interact and how to use simple but practical techniques to select and adjust a controller for a range of applications. The training also covers the various causes of poor performance, which are often not concerned with controller tuning. The content will include:
  • Feedback control system architecture and terminology. Features of real controllers. Typical control systems for level, pressure, temperature and flow control. Hands-on practical operation of a control system.
  • Common control actions. Simple process dynamics. Common problems associated with feedback control. Hands-on simulation exercises System load performance, reset windup. Control performance measures. Modelling of process dynamics and nonlinearities. Control valve characteristics and problems.
  • Simple controller tuning methods. Practical tuning exercises for flow, level and pressure control.
The course cost will be R8 550 including VAT and will be held at the IDX offices at 1 Weaver Street, Fourways from the 29th to the 30th of May 2017. Lunch will be included. 

Seats are limited and booking is essential. Please send your booking requests to academy@idx.co.za

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are outside of South Africa and are interested in this course, please follow this link: http://verwertraining.com/training/three-term-pid-controller-training-courses/The above content is derived from this original information page.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

FREE ProfiTrace & COMbricks Training

FREE ProfiTrace & COMbricks Training
Once you know the basics of PROFIBUS, come learn how to effectively troubleshoot PROFIBUS networks with ProfiTrace from PROCENTEC. In this course, we also go through the PROCENTEC range of network components to learn how to make your network robust with repeaters, hubs and active terminators. Want to know what’s going on with your network health when you’re not connected with ProfiTrace? We will show you how to permanently monitor your network with COMbricks and show you how to establish a remote connection into COMbricks so that you can monitor your PROFIBUS network from anywhere in the world!

What's covered in the training? 
  • Network components (connectors, hubs, etc)
  • Correct wiring of repeaters and hubs
  • Setup and connection of ProfiTrace
  • Configure a network using ProfiCaptain
  • Create common network faults
  • Analyse faults using live list and statistics
  • Record and analyse PROFIBUS Messages
  • Analyse signal waveforms and strengths
  • Generation of reports
  • Install and configure COMbricks
  • Remotely monitor PROFIBUS health
  • Understand recordings and statistics
  • COMbricks kit and card options
Are there any prerequisites? 
Yes. You will have to have completed the 2-day Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course so that you have a basic understanding of PROFIBUS before trying to use the tools. You can find out more about the PROFIBUS Installer course here

When and where will the course be running?
We aim to run the course at the IDX offices in Fourways, South Africa every two months. This gives most people and opportunity to fit this into their schedule. There is no cost to attending the scheduled training, however "no-shows" will be billed. It is also possible to run the training at your site, but a fee will apply in these cases. Please contact us for a quote. The courses for 2018 are as follows:
  • 26 Jan 2018
  • 23 Mar 2018
  • 26 May 2018
  • 27 Jul 2018
  • 28 Sep 2018
  • 30 Nov 2018
The course runs from 8:00am to 16:00pm and includes lunch. There is also no need to bring equipment, but we do encourage you to bring your laptop so that we can help you set up the latest version of the software and provide you with a large library of GSD files.

How do I book my spot?
Booking is essential and can be done by sending an email request to academy@idx.co.za. We will send you the necessary booking forms and get you registered. Alternatively call us on +27 11 548 9960.